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Waffle Cone Strain


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Waffle Cone Strain

The Waffle Cone Strain is a hybrid strain marijuana strain made by crossing Jet Fuel Gelato and Dosilato. The high is moderate and leaves the body relaxed. This strain is best for day time consumptions and helps a lot in social activities like singing and dancing. It also leaves the user focused and creative. This marvelous strain is grown by Compound Genetics. This strain has big buds and about 26% THC. There is a golden waffle cone brown which clings to the flower that glows in the sunlight. This is because of the powdery trichrome of the buds and long fiery amber orange stigmas and dense, tight, nug structure.

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The waffle cone strain is also called the Ice Cream Og.  This strain treats stress and chronic pain. As the name name goes the strain the ice cream og strain has a waffle aroma. This aroma hits you directly once you break the bud or grind them. Another good aspect about this strain is that it goes at a moderate price. When consumed it has cheese and lime as tastes.

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This strain keeps the user sedated, happy, relaxed, focused and creative. Common effects when one consumes this strain is paranoia, euphoric, uplifted, tingly, low blood pressure and  a thirsty and dry mouth. This strain makes the user cough extra hard, advisably it should be inhaled moderately because the ice cream og strain is a heavy hitter. It should equally be noted that this strain is very enjoyable at all times of the day but preferably during the day.



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