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Sweet Haze Strain


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Sweet Haze Strain

The Sweet Haze Strain is a well balanced hybrid strain. This strain could be used for all purposes. The Cherry bomb weed strain was grown by crossing mysterious (Unknown strain) California Indica strain with the Big Bomb. Most medical cannabis doctors suggest the cherry bomb strain was a cross between North American Indica and Hawaiian Sativa. The cherry bomb weed could have THC rising right up to 26% and has trichomes all over in the inner surface of the bud. This strain takes effect relatively quickly as it starts with the head and a flavor smoke when you exhale. This strain also leads to increase in salivation. The user could also experience quick breathing and tends to be more relaxed.

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The sweet haze weed has no type of hangover effect. Its top effects are ; Happy, focused, uplifted, relaxed and energetic. These are all associated to the cherry bomb weed’s potency. The cherry bomb weed’s reported fragrances are; musky, skunk, fruity and berry. This strain equally has woody, berry and sweet as flavors. The strain is also good for mellow activities like conversations. This strain is noted to motivate users upon consumption. The mental and physical combination this strain comes with leads to improved activities due to the full body coordination.



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