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Sunrock Strain


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Sunrock Strain | Sunrocks Strain | Sunrocks Bud

The Sunrock strain is a marijuana strain which we consider “an update” to moonrocks. This is because of the similarities in which the strain grow. This strain is equally popular because popular rapper Snoop Dogg would not smoke it. In making the sunrock strain, we dip the high grade in wax and coat with kief dust. This strain rumors to have about 80% THC the reason rapper Snoop Dogg is cautious to smoke this strain. This bud is not like any other bud no major differences can be seen but it should not be mistaken that these sunrocks bud are covered with top shelf wax. This strain is so sticky that can only breaks when using the fingers or a pair of scissors. It is not advisable to use a grinder as it will waste the kief.

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The sun rocks bud has a very high thc of 80% and is one of the best strains in cannabis experience. This strain alongside moonrocks are made with high grade cannabis and premium concentrates the best one could fine around. These strains are mostly found in high end dispensaries. The effects of this strain is that it hits hard. If you are looking to get great stone to the bone and as fast as possible then be sure this strain is definitely the one. In order to enjoy the sunrock strain it is advisable to use a bong, do not grind them and mix with regular weed.

Tips for consuming sun rock bud.

Have good friends around, stay hydrated, set your schedule and keep some snacks at hand,

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