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Sky Extracts Cartridges


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Sky Extracts Cartridges

Buy Sky Extracts Cartridges here. Everything you need to start medicating discretely it is made with distillate, no PG or VG. 0.5mL, 90% THC Potency. Includes cartridge (0.5mL)

Made with distillate, no PG or VG

0.5mL, 90% THC Potency.

Sky Extracts Cartridges – Clear Sky Extracts Sour Diesel – Sky Extracts Vape Kit

The company uses ground-breaking vaporizing technology to deliver the premium properties of cannabis.

Using the highest quality products available including a custom made ceramic cartridge with five intake holes. Including athletes again. To facilitate recovery by delivering cannabinoids. To exactly where the body needs it finally. In addition to, to attain a consistent relaxed state of mind.

Includes cartridge (0.5mL), battery and charger

Color of Battery may differ than shown in picture.

Crystallization in the Cartridge may occur in cartridges that contain CBD (CBD, 1:1 THC:CBD), this is normal and can be fixed by heating the glass/ceramic cartridge with a lighter or something similar. wiki

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