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Fruitcake Strain


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Fruitcake Strain

The Fruitcake strain is an outstanding indica dominant hybrid strain grown by AZ Nectar Farm. In other to grow or cultivate this strain Sherbet Dreams and Cherry Pie strain are crossed. The bud has a very complexed strucyure which is dark green in colour coupled with purple orange hairs. This strain is best suited for social activites like Basketball & Baseball.

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The Cactus Og Strain or Fruitcake strain is best cultivated indoors making it sweet and sticky. This strain has as THC percentage 24%. This strain could make the user wonder or drowsy. One of the most important and popular aspects of this strain is that this strain is best suited or used in the production of  cannabis oil, shatter, BHO or any other concentrate. This strain is known impact focus and stamina. This is because it has a high percentage of the terpene myrcene which keeps the user relaxed and calm. This strain is a sweet cookie-dominant strain which is very potent. This strain is often advised to be consumed slowly because if had a creeping high effect.

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The Cactus O G strain is fruity and sweet in aroma, with some light strands of citrus small lingering at the back of the classic kush smell once you inhale this marvelous weed. Effects of this fruitcake strain when consumed are first immediately notoiced in the eyes. The high leaves the user relaxed, happy, euphoric. As time goes the sedative feature hits the user which makes the Cactus OG strain an ideal strain to treat stress, anxiety, and insomnia. It equally makes the user sleepy.  Medically, this strain is prescribed for joints pains.

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