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Put down your ice cream spoon, and pick up your favorite pipe, so you can start enjoying your new favorite dessert treat, Gelato Strain. Gelato is better for you than ice cream, and Gelato cannabis is even better than that. The Gelato marijuana strain is a sweet treat with zero calories, zero fat dairy-free, and won’t give you brain freeze; what is better than that?

Another name for the Gelato strain is ‘Larry Bird’ or phenotype 33. If you are looking forward to a mellow weekend afternoon, then this strain is ideal, since it leans Indica heavy. The break down is 55/45 Indica to Sativa.It provides reverie, cerebral effects, and a pleasant body buzz, which provides a well-balanced high. It’s also a good one for those seeking relief from pain or mood disorders.

Buy Gelato Strain Online| Buy Gelato 33 Strain| Buy Gelato Cake Strain| 

The THC content measures in at 25%, making it on the stronger end of the potency scale. Its flavor matches its name, and users who love cannabis, with a sugary aroma, will fall in love with this gelato cake strain.

Gelato (the dessert) is so much more delicious than plain old ice cream. And it’s for a very good reason. Gelato strain 33 is a connoisseur-grade treat. In fact, in Italy, strict quality standards and specific ingredients must be used to legally call a frozen dessert gelato. We qualify our Green Gelato by adhering to equally professional artisanal practices. We also have the Gelato 41. Exclusive genetics from the San Francisco Bay area is the only way to make genuine Gelato 33.

By whisking the sweet, minty biscuit flavor together with the orange citrus twist provided by Sunset Sherbet, the delectably dank Green Gelato strain is created in a combo of fruity confection. Purple hues enhance the dense, orange-haired buds’ aesthetics. Plus, a loud yet alluring aroma of Kush, baked goods, and forest fruits will bring most stoners close to sensory overload.

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