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Apple Pie Strain


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Apple Pie Strain | Apple Kush

Apple pie strain is a weed strain grown by Alien Genetics. This sativa-dominant strain is cultivated by crossing  Sour Diesel and Pure Kush. Equally the apple kush is said to have a creeping effect. This means the smoker feels the effects of consuming this strain which could take up to 15 mins. This strain is beautiful with spear-like buds. The apple kush could be enjoyed anytime of the day preferably in the morning or during the day. More to that, the apple kush has a psychedelic high which focuses on the head. This strain has a flowering period of 43 to 54 days, this is because the strain is very difficult to grow. Not forgetting, this strain was grown in Oregon. Its popularity has grown all over the USA and neighboring countries like Canada and the UK

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The apple OG strain has as aroma apple, spicy and herbal. Its top effect upon consumption is that it keeps the user relaxed, euphoric and happry. Equally this strain has dry mouth, dizziness and dry eyes as other effects upon consumption. Also, a minor side effect is rapid heart beat. This strain has been noted to treat depression or anxiety and insomnia. This strain has as THC: 24% – 25% and is the perfect strain to keep one’s day going.

Apple Pie Strain alien genetics


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