Excitement as a part of life

Why do people choose to play at casinos? What are the real reasons for this? Let’s take a look at gamblers’ motivation and how it works to understand the phenomenon of gambling and why it can be addictive. There are a lot of theories on the internet, and we are going to stay on one of them. Read more articles to become a professional player and always keep in touch with the latest news.


Losing does not make you sad

In a survey of more than 5 thousand gamblers, the promise of earning large sums of money was the most crucial element. However, it was quickly followed by "because it's exciting" and "because it's engaging."

Even if you lose, your body still releases adrenalin and endorphins while gambling. People spend money on recreation. According to an academic study, around 92 percent of people have lost limits beyond which they would not go. However, their overall enjoyment of the event was unaffected by the fact that they lost money after visiting a casino, for example. People appear to be pleased with modest successes and are willing to accept even slight failures. They understand that in the long run, they are more likely to lose than win. And losing may, at least momentarily, heighten the euphoria that follows a victory. This is because, during a losing streak, gamblers' expectations of winning shift.


What’s about manipulative aspect of slot machines?

The researchers discovered that when individuals had a lower expectation of winning, their response to obtaining equal awards increased. This was substantiated by both the respondents' subjective ratings of happiness and the facts from the fMRI scans. These scans revealed increased activity in a brain area associated with dopamine neurons. Dopamine, a complex neurotransmitter, might be linked to emotional changes in this circumstance. People will be happier when they win if they lose a lot of games and have low expectations. This is already fascinating. If a series of unfavorable events occur, lowering your expectations, but then you obtain some great results, you will most likely be pleased.