How to Get Rid of a Headache After Marijuana

Marijuana has many positive physical properties and many users even find that it helps them reduce headaches and migraines. However, in some cases, you may end up with a headache due to marijuana use. This happens especially when you’re dehydrated or when you smoke too much, so how do you get rid of a headache after using marijuana?

Like many of the minor side effects of marijuana, a headache is relatively easy to avoid- especially if you take precautions. Naturally, you’ll want to avoid dehydration and it also helps to keep well-nourished. Here are some of the best tips for how to get rid of a headache after marijuana.

Make Sure You Drink Plenty Of Water

If you’re trying to avoid a hangover while smoking weed, then one of the most important things to do is to make sure you stay well-hydrated. Some beverages can hinder you rather than help you with this. For instance, fizzy sodas or caffeine-laden drinks can often make your headache worse, so the best approach is to drink a lot of water.

Smoking weed can sometimes leave you dehydrated, especially if you forget to drink anything. Keep a bottle of water around before you smoke so that you remember to drink it throughout your smoking session. The best way to avoid a headache is to drink some water before you start smoking, but it still helps to stay hydrated during and after your high.

If you’re not a big fan of water, you might want to try some other drinks such as flavored water, orange juice, or decaffeinated green tea. All of these can help you avoid headaches and have a nice, enjoyable, pain-free high. Also, avoid drinking alcohol with weed at all costs- this is sure to leave you dehydrated and can also give you an uncomfortable high.

Make Sure You Drink Plenty Of Water

Eat A Solid Meal And Avoid Salty Foods

As well as staying hydrated, it also helps to keep your stomach full with a well-rounded and nutritious meal. Skipping a meal or forgetting to eat can often cause a headache, especially as it can result in your blood glucose levels falling too low. As such, it’s best to make sure you eat if you’re planning to smoke.

While it’s tempting to go straight for junk foods such as chips and salted peanuts, it’s best to avoid these while you’re high. As satisfying as they are, high sodium foods can often cause dehydration and eventually cause a headache. If you’re planning to eat junk foods, drink plenty of water to compensate.

The best approach is to eat healthy carbohydrates and high-protein foods. Eating dinner before you smoke can help, but having something ready for when you’re high can often be even more enjoyable, especially as THC enhances your smell and taste and makes you even hungrier. Eating can also help you avoid an overpowering high, so make sure you eat something.

Take A Relaxing Shower Or Bath

Another helpful tip for how to get rid of a headache after marijuana is to take a shower or bath. Not only can it help increase blood flow and have a refreshing effect, but showers and baths can also act as a form of heat therapy and help reduce the pain and tension of a headache.

Showering often helps users who are suffering from the negative effects of weed. Not only can it help soothe your headaches, but it also helps users who are suffering from a bad trip as it helps you relax. Plus, it’ll also help you get rid of the lingering smell of weed in your hair and on your body, so it’s a win-win situation.

A warm bath can be just as relaxing and helpful. Plus, soaking in the bathtub takes much less effort than showering. If you want to make your bath even more soothing, you could even add a CBD Bath Bomb. Not only will you soak up the CBD, but it’ll also add an alluring scent to your bath.

Marijuana and Exercise: A Great Combo for Mindful Athletes

Marijuana and exercise is a combo that a lot of users might not even consider. After all, many strains are more likely to make you want to kick back on the sofa, watch Netflix, and drift off to sleep rather than get a good workout in. However, provided that you use the right strains and don’t smoke too much, marijuana and exercise can be a great combo for mindful athletes.

Some marijuana strains are known for helping with motivation. Not only do they stimulate the mind, but they can also make you feel more alert and active, making them perfect for enhancing your workouts. What’s more, the cannabinoids in marijuana can have all kinds of benefits for active users. Whether you need relief for muscle aches or help with your sleep, marijuana can help.

There are also various approaches to using marijuana while exercising. While smoking right before a workout might not be the best idea for everyone, you can also smoke after to relieve yourself of tension and kick start the recovery process. Some users even micro dose marijuana for a stimulating mental boost without going into full relaxation mode. So why is marijuana and exercise such a great combo for athletes and how should you use it? Here’s a guide.

Marijuana Can Help with Recovery

One of the foremost medical reasons why people use marijuana is to help with pain and inflammation. The cannabinoids in marijuana have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects on your body, meaning it can help treat pain in all forms. Medical users often use marijuana as a way to relieve sore joints from Arthritis, chronic pain from issues such as fibromyalgia and endometriosis, and a range of other painful conditions.

Athletes can also benefit from the analgesic properties of marijuana. After a long, hard work out, your joints and muscles will likely feel sore. A few puffs of marijuana can instantly relieve your physical tension and put your body in a highly relaxed and soothed state. This is perfect for those who want to recover from their workouts quickly.

Since marijuana has anti-inflammatory properties, some users find that it can help with the recovery process after exercise. Working out regularly often leads to delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMs. Marijuana can help prevent this and make your body feel calm and relaxed throughout.

If you’re looking for a way to use marijuana to help with post-workout recovery, it’s best to use indica strains. These strains are known for their physically soothing properties. They also often contain higher levels of CBD- a cannabinoid known for helping with pain and inflammation. It usually only takes a couple of hits to relieve your pain but you can smoke as much as you feel you need.

Marijuana Makes Exercise Feel More Rewarding

It’s not just the medical perks of marijuana that make marijuana and exercise a great combo. Even its recreational effects can enhance your workouts. The THC in marijuana activates reward circuits in the brain, inducing positive and euphoric feelings that can enhance all kinds of activities, including exercise.

The uplifting effects of marijuana can help your exercise sessions feel even more rewarding. Exercising often gives you a rush of dopamine, and when paired with the positive effects of marijuana, you’ll feel even more incredible after a workout.

You might find that smoking a little before a workout helps you enjoy the activity more. For example, smoking a little marijuana to enhance your mood and senses will make going for a run or cycling and enjoying nature will be a sensational experience. It can work just as well for all kinds of activities.

Some users might find working out high more rewarding than others. Some strains are known to make you feel more positive and stimulated whereas some will make you feel like you want to do anything but work out. You might want to smoke a small amount of sativa marijuana before a workout to enhance the experience or enjoy an indica strain after your workout to reward yourself with deep relaxation.

Marijuana Can Enhance Your Focus And Energy

Another one of the many interesting mental effects of marijuana is that it can enhance your focus. Naturally, this can be a huge boon for athletes or anyone who wants to be more physically active.

One of the biggest problems with exercising regularly is that it can be hard to stay focused and enjoy the experience, especially when you’ve been doing it for a long time. However, a Harvard study found that marijuana can help improve cognitive functions in users. This can help with all kinds of activities from team sports to resistance training.

Another study found that marijuana helped 80% of users workout more often, as well as improving their recovery. The sharp boost in energy and focus along with the rewarding feelings that marijuana induces makes it fantastic for anyone who wants to exercise more regularly and enjoy their workouts without getting bored.

Of course, using the right products is important. Sativa strains are usually the best choice for improving your alertness and focus, although some hybrid strains can work just as well. It’s best to smoke a small amount so you don’t end up getting too high before a workout. You can also consider taking a small dose of Cannabis Tincture for fast-acting and enjoyable effects.

Marijuana Is Linked To Healthy Body Weight

It’s not a secret that marijuana can boost your appetite and most weed smokers are familiar with the munchies that come after smoking a joint. However, while some users may have concerns about the munchies ruining their fitness goals, it turns out that marijuana doesn’t seem to make you gain weight.

Research shows that, despite the fact it makes you want to eat a lot, marijuana is linked to lower rates of obesity and may even increase your metabolism. Another study on the Inuit population also found that marijuana use was linked to lower BMI, lower waist sizes, and even reduced risk of diabetes. These results show that marijuana won’t make you gain weight and may even help you lose it.

As such, users who want to keep fit but still enjoy the occasional joint shouldn’t have to worry too much. Some users might even find that smoking marijuana helps them achieve their fitness goals faster due to enhanced recovery and weight loss.

Of course, this shouldn’t be used as an excuse to eat whatever you want. Although these studies suggest that marijuana may be linked to healthier weights, it’s still important to maintain a healthy diet and not overindulge. However, if you want to enjoy some comfort food now and then when the munchies hit, you shouldn’t feel too guilty about it.

How Should You Use Marijuana For Exercise?

When it comes to combining marijuana with exercise, there’s no shortage of ways you can use it. While some users might stick to the traditional method of smoking joints or using your weed in a Bong or Pipe, there are also now many marijuana-infused products that make for great alternatives for those who want to avoid inhaling anything. Here are some of the best ways to use marijuana for athletes.

Smoking – Smoking weed is often the go-to for users who want a simple and convenient way to enjoy the effects of marijuana. You can choose between relaxing indica strains, stimulating sativa strains, or balanced hybrid strains and there are many effective methods of smoking. Smoking also allows you to use as little or as much as you want. With that said, smoking might feel harsh on your lungs, and athletes may want to consider smokeless alternatives.

Vaping – Vaping is a fantastic alternative to smoking. It provides a similar experience which involves heating your weed and inhaling the THC produced. However, the benefit of vaping is that it heats your products to the point of releasing THC without any burning chemicals. Plus, you can vape all kinds of products. Some Vape Pens are designed for weed whereas others can be used with concentrates or flavorful Vape Juices.

Tinctures – Cannabis Tinctures are another great option for anyone who wants to combine marijuana and exercise. Tinctures are liquid products infused with THC. They can give you the same kind of effects and benefits you’d get from smoking weed but in a much more convenient form. All it takes is applying some Tincture under your tongue and allowing some time for the cannabinoids to be absorbed into your system. You can take a quick dose before or after exercising.

CBD – CBD products are often hailed by athletes as they allow you to consume cannabinoids without getting high. If you want to avoid the powerful psychoactive effects of THC but still want to benefit from other cannabinoids, CBD products are perfect for you. They come in many forms, including Oils, Edibles, Topicals, and more. Plus, they’re free from harmful side effects so you can use them as much as you want before or after physical activity.


Marijuana and exercise is a great combo for athletes who want to enhance their workouts. Not only will marijuana make exercise seem more fun and rewarding, but it can also relieve soreness, boost your recovery, improve your sleep, and may even help you lose weight.

There are many ways to work marijuana into your life along with exercise. Some users find that a small dose of marijuana before working out helps their performance whereas others find using it after working out helps them recover. Whichever way, you can find all of the marijuana and CBD products you need online at smartbudshop.

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